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    Taken March 2014

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    Final Year Civil 1971

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    Final Year Civil 1970

Great to see you again

Welcome to the new Handasa website, which is in the process of getting upgraded to incorporate a more up to date  and joyful materials.

To start with here is the latest photo of our college, taken on 28 March 2014.

College 28 Mar 14


I am also hoping to include a section on Cultural Heritage that encompasses buildings, monuments, works of art (hence your contribution, and in particular our architects colleagues, would be very much appreciated).

However, there has been a suggestion from couple of our friends, which I thought it is a wonderful idea, is to have a section that allow each of us to provide a short resume of how we progressed in life since graduation.  The wicked part of the idea, which would be fun, is to incorporate a latest photo of yourself,  and even your family. Please let me know what you think (Use the Contact Us Page).

Just a taste of what, hopefully, the start of many new photos.  This one was send by Farouk Kasim.

26 Jan 13 Ajusted


I am hoping this time to make the site available to other fellow engineers who graduated from Baghdad University regardless of the year of graduation.